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RSS Newsfeed

RSS news-feeds bring the news straight to you, automatically. All the news is collated in one place for you to read when the time suits you. There are various ways to read RSS news-feeds:

  1. Your email application may be able to receive RSS news-feeds so you can read them alongside normal emails. (Check out how you can receive and read RSS newsfeeds in your email application).
  2. Your web browser may be able to show RSS news-feeds - right in your browser window. Check out Live Bookmarks in Firefox and Safari.
  3. You can use one of the newsreader applications available from the Internet. Examples include Google Reader, Akregator (for Linux), etc.
  4. If you're a Mac user, you can download our free dashboard widget. It brings the latest news in electronic music straight to your desktop so you're never out of the loop. Download the free Buzz (and Beep) dashboard widget for Mac OSX
  5. You may be able to use a screen saver which shows the latest news when your computer is idle. (If you're using Mac OSX, simply choose Apple menu > System Preferences > Desktop & screen saver. Then choose the Screen saver tab, click on RSS Visualizer, then click Options and choose the 'Signal Strength Hot News' - though you must have subscribed to it first as explained next...)
RSS Newsfeed

To subscribe to the Signal Strength RSS news-feed: click here and then use the presented options to subscribe...



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